Employee Support

As regards employees our purpose is to support, advise and, if necessary, represent those who may have been either unfairly dismissed or made redundant or who, in some other way, are being treated unlawfully by their employer.

Our usual method will be to:

  • Meet with you to take a full history.
  • Write up the history and agree it with you.
  • Tell you whether or not, under the relevant legislation, you have a good case and, if so
  • Advise on the best way of taking it forward.
  • Communicate and negotiate with your employer to try to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. If not then,
  • Refer it to the Industrial Relations Department at Commerce and Industry for further conciliation. If that is unsuccessful we will
  • Refer the matter to the Industrial Tribunal Service and, if necessary,
  • Conduct negotiations with your employer, then prepare the case and represent you at the Tribunal hearing.

What's unique about our service in Guernsey is that we are happy to meet you outside normal business hours at a place of your choosing, including your own home. Also, in some circumstances, we will work for you on a "no win no fee" basis...an offer you'll never get from Court Row!!

The principal in this enterprise is Andy Castle MIPD, although additional resources can be provided as necessary. For further details about Andy's background and experience in Employment Law and related matters click here.

Castle Defence Employment Law Services: a friend in the Guernsey workplace