Unfair Dismissal

By far the most frequent reason that people approach us is because they believe they may have been unfairly or wrongly dismissed; so what should you do if you think this may have happened to you?

A good first step is to sit down and write yourself a few notes on what has happened - the where and when, together with the names of any witnesses or other important players. At the very least these notes will be a useful aide-memoire when you come to explain the problem to someone else. They will also help you to arrange your thoughts.

Then a visit to the web-site of Guernsey's Department of Commerce and Industry (link below) can help. In the Employment Relations Service section there are several pamphlets and codes of practice which describe the law and tell you the processes and procedures for making a formal complaint. You can also contact staff at the Departments offices at Burnt Lane St Martins Tel: 01481 234567 for further information or explanation.

It is entirely possible for you to take your case forward yourself, however, many people feel that an objective and professional helping hand can be of great assistance. Castle Defence can do anything you wish, right from guidance in understanding the law and putting your own case together, to doing all the work and representing you every step of the way - you decide.


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