For Guernsey Employers

In our experience, as an employer you are likely to be seeking assistance with one of three needs.

Prevention where, very sensibly, you want to ensure that your workplace policies and procedures are Guernsey Employment Law compliant. In such cases we are happy to review your paperwork, or even to write some bespoke policies for you so that, provided you follow them, you can feel confident you are acting within the law.

Casework where you need to deal with a specific workplace problem with an individual or a group of employees and you want to be sure you deal with it legally. In such cases it is crucial to obtain advice at the thinking stage before you have taken any action. So often, these things go wrong because of what you do right at the start, so get some help early.

Complaints where an employee has already made a complaint against you and you need help to deal with it. In such cases we will work with you to find a conciliated settlement with the employee but, if that is not possible, we will provide you with professional representation at the Tribunal. This will include preparing the case, identifying and preparing useful witnesses, taking statements, preparing the bundles of papers and representing you on the day to ask questions and present the case.

In all cases we will meet with you to identify your specific needs and tailor our service to meet them.

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