Guernsey Employment Law - Cases and Issues

Possible cases and issues include:

Contracts of Employment: where a contract has not been issued within 4 weeks of employment or where it contains elements which are unreasonable or unclear. Also included are matters to do with pay-slips and pay advices.

Unfair Dismissal: covers issues such as failure to give a proper period of notice; failure to provide a written statement of termination (including reasons); dismissal for any of the reasons which the law says are automatically unfair (pregnancy, union activities, sexual discrimination etc); unfair or inappropriate selection for redundancy.

Sexual Discrimination: where someone has been appointed, promoted, demoted, made redundant, harassed, bullied, or otherwise treated less favourably on grounds of gender, pregnancy, marital status or because of victimisation.

Disciplinary: where disciplinary action has been taken without proper investigation, or the penalty has been too severe or where no previous warnings have been given or the agreed procedure has not been followed.

Redundancy: where the redundancy is not genuine or the grounds for selecting someone for redundancy are unfair. Can also include a failure to follow a fair and reasonable redundancy procedure.

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